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Welcome to Planet Lesbian make yourself at home
Of course my first contribution had to be some shit post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- On dA -

Of course my first contribution had to be some shit post  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On dA -

“You need help, Flug…


You need help, Flug…


Au where Demencia tries to be more normal (in the end she goes back to being Demencia) I wanted to make a comic on her changing. 

Flug helps her out :o


Local scientist has a secret knack for perfect timing




Y'all got some headcanons for a completely stoned Black Hat?


(y'all? Just me here buddy)

disclaimer: mod knows jack shit about being stoned. Anyways–

  • It’s probably Flug’s weed. (Lord knows he fucking needs it.) BH probably found his stash and asked Dementia what the fuck it was. Dementia happily showed him how to uh. Do. The drugs.? Yeah.
  • BH’s pupils dilate so hard man omg. It’s like a cat or something, he takes a hit and coughs a lot, but once he gets the hang of it he’s like woah
  • his physical form kinda stops working?? Like his body goes all fuzzy around the edges and his coat tails start growing fringe and his hat seems to droop as Black Hat slouches for one of the first times in his life.
  • He’s also smili ng. It’s a little bit terrifying how calm he seems right now.
  • “Dem. Demenem. Demented.” “Dementia.” “You ever wonder what happens when we die?”
  • “Holy shit guys I think my hands are snakes.” Contrary to popular belief, BH’s hands actually are snakes at the moment. They hiss softly before falling off and melting away. “Woah. Trippy.”
  • He laughs at everything Dementia says; she reads 5.0.5’s shopping list and he fucking loses it.

When it wears off he switches his monocle to his other eye and yells at Flug for “not sharing that green thing” earlier.

Black Hat: Fucking Hell!
Dr. Flug: Woah dude, watch your language.
Black Hat: Fucking heck!


a standard homeworld courtroom trial


More and gayer gems.


l o o k  I love the Crystal Gems with all my heart and soul ok but hot damn this was amazing